Friday, August 24, 2007

My First Blog

Wow! This is way different. I have always written in a journal before. So this is going to be kind of different. It is way cool because now things that I would normally want to tell my family and friends that live far away, I can tell! What I like about doing a blog is that I can also put pictures up also. That is going to come in handy when Jason and I have kids.

For everyone who is just dying to know or just have even wondered once...We don't know exactly when we are having kids ourselves. We do know that I need to be graduated though. I need to get high school out of the way. Then I can we both can move onto different things in our lives. As for graduating...I am working hard to graduate by Christmas time but, would really love it if it came around Thanksgiving. I will keep you updated.

Anyways...My goal is to keep my blog and the Jason and Briana Blog up to date and always have reasonably fresh news.