Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hard to Talk About

I am sorry that I haven't posted any more short stories about my past. I have been really busy. But that is just not the reason why. I mean I can make time any day. I just have been choosing not to because some of my past...well most of my past is kind of hard to talk about. I am sorry I have not updated my blog in forever. I am working through my emotions and then I will begin posting again.

Thanks for understanding.

I have some great news though, 10 more packets left!!! I am way excited to almost be done. I do have a goal set for myself though. I want to be done with school by February 29th. I will get done by then. I am very determined to see my hard work accomplish what I have been wanting for soo long.


Juice said...

Go Briana, Go Briana, GO, GO, GO!

I was singing that for you! YIPEE!!! Only 10 packets left has to feel SO good! I'm proud of you! I know you can reach that goal of being done by leap day! :)

WAY TO GO! :) :) :)