Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ideas, Mostly for Later!

I read a whole lot of blogs daily. But one of my favorites would have to Tip Junkie! They have such great ideas that I not only could use now, but definitely later when I have kids.

One of there posts the other day was about making birthday signs. I love the idea and plan on doing it sometime soon.


Shannon&Eli said...

being married at 18 was the hardest thing that I have EVER done...i had never lived anywhere but home. i had to grow up alot and it was hard, that being said, i wouldn't have it any other way now. People that didn't get married young don't understand. It was hard for me to decide who I was as a person, as a wife, emotionally, and physically. It took me a while and my husband and I argued alot. But we are alot stronger now for it. We have been through alot and I am happy to say it has been 8 years this october!!! and we have three beautiful boys!!! I really really really wanted to have kids as well and now wish i would have waited and figured out who I was first. It's tough and kids only make it tougher. Be proud of yourself for being married almost 2 years, be proud of yourself for finishing high school, be proud of yourself for you have dealt with adult things really young, and only you and I will understand that!