Friday, August 29, 2008


200) My middle name is:

199) I was born in:
Murray, Utah

198) I am really:
one of those people that worry a bit too much!

197) My phone is:
the best phone I have ever had, yay for Iphones

196) My eye color is:
Blue, I swear they change between blue and gray

194) My ring size is:
6 I think

193) My height is:
5 ' 5

192) i am allergic to:
Cats, unfortunately because I love them soo much. But that hasn't stopped me from having one. haha...also pollen, weeds, grass, ect. I am always sneezing especially during summertime

191) I was born on:
Jan. 25, 1989

190) I am annoyed by:
right now, not having a job

189) Last book you read:
Twilight. I am hooked. I need a job so I can buy the whole series and get my reading on...haha

188) My bed is:
a queen sized

179) my favorite Holiday is:

177) The last three cds i bought were:
Goldfrapp, Paramore, and Portisead

175) Are you living at home?
Yes, my own home

174) Do you have any siblings?:
yes i do. 3 brothers and 3 sisters

173) What did you do yesterday?:
stayed home all day...boring. Oh and I made some cards

:::I Do /Do Not Believe In:::

142)Love at first sight?:
yes, it happened with Jason and I

141) Luck?
i sure do.

140) Fate?
yes i do.

139) Yourself?
Sometimes not always.

138) Aliens?:
yes, there has to be somone else out there in the universe.

137) Heaven?:

134) Horoscopes?:
used to, but not really anymore

133) Soulmates?:
a total yes, I found mine already

:::Which is Better?::

129) Hugs or Kisses?

127) Phone or online?
either one really

125) Blondes or Brunettes?
both are fun

124) Hot or cold?:
I'd rather sweat and stick to something than freeze to death. haha

123) Summer or winter?:
summer for sure.

121) Chocolate or vanilla?
I Love chocolate!

120) Night or Day?

119 Oranges or Apples?:

118 Curly or Straight hair:?:
both are really cute on me, but straight is soo much easier and faster to do

:::Here's What I Think About:::

116 Abortion:
It's not my place to tell you what to do or to judge you. It's whatever you feel what is right!

115 Backstabbers:
Ha how could you live with yourself? ha ha.

114 Parents:
sometimes you love them and sometimes you hate them. That's just how it is

:::Last time I:::

100 Called someone?:

101 Saw someone:
ha this morning before he left for work


90 Who is the ditziest person you know:

89 Who makes you laugh the most?

88 Last movie you watched?
In the land of women

82 What I don't understand is:
life sometimes

80 The most unsatisfying answer I've ever received is:
"alright then." or "ok." or even a "sure." or "that's cool." annoying answers where you can't respond to ha ha.

76 Something I will really miss when I leave home is?
my siblings

75 The thing I'm looking forward to the most is?
going to lagoon and seven peaks hopefully this weekend

74 Things that make you mad:
to many things make me mad, and then I get mad because I am soo mad.

73 Tomorrow?
Saturday, no idea what my plans are

72 Today:
is going to be boring like yesterday was

71 Next Summer:
will probably be way different

70 This Weekend:
Will be Awesome!

67 People call me:

62 The person(s) who knows the most about me is:
my husband, he knows more about me, then I know about myself. Scary sometimes.

60 The most difficult thing to do is:
to keep quiet when you really want to say something

59 I have gotten a speeding ticket:
Not yet!

58 The first person I talked to today was:

54 First time you had a crush:
haha before I got married, before we even started dating...cant remember who doesn't matter.

53 The one person who I can't hide things from?

52 Last time someone said something you were thinking:
It always happens to me.

51 Right now I am talking to:
No one.

50) Your dream job?
something that I love to do

49 First job?:
Customer Service Agent for Convergys

48) Current job?:
ha ha none.

47 I have these pets:

46 I wish:
That life were as simple as I thought it would have been.

44 The person that makes me cry the most is:

43 Best sound in the world?
Sound? I dont really like sounds.

42 What makes you happy?
a lot of things, I am easy to please, when I want to be

36 Which Golden Girl would you be?
Golden girl? ummmmmmm what?

35 Myspace or Facebook:

34 Mexican food or Chinese?
cant i have both?

32 My favorite color is:

29 My computer is:
awesome and fast

28 Favorite food:
ha all.

27 Last person I got mad at?:
umm my mom and step dad, because they fight too much

26 Person you secretly crush:
I don't have a secret crush, I love someone...which is way better.

25 Favorite place:
not at home!

24 Favorite song:
too many.

23 Paper or plastic?:

22 The all-time best movie(s) is:
oh too hard to pick.

21 The all-time best feeling in the world is:
knowing you mean something to that someone.

19 What color is your hairbrush:?
light blue

18 Favorite shoes:
right now, flip flops

16 What do you hate the most?:
I dont know?

15 Color of your room?:
Plain white walls.

14 TV channels you watch?
just the basics

13 Best Feature in the opposite sex?

11 The worst pain I was ever in:
when I was sick at Kile and Aubree's one weekend we went down to Cedar City to visit them.

9 Favorite TV Show?
one tree hill, house, gossip girl, the hills, the secret life of the american teenager, and many more...but those are the top ones that I keep an eye out for.

8 My favorite celebrity?

6 Greatest Fear?

3 Who broke your heart?
It's not broken

2.How many friends do you have?
a lot. the ones I have now are some that will be my friends for a very long time

1.biggest regret
not going to high school everyday and trying my hardest like I knew I could, and then having to finish a year late.


Shannon & Eli said...

hey are you still looking for a job. my dentist and family friend is looking for someone to work part time starting in the mornings. It would be a perfect job and he is a great guy! (it's in salt lake though...fort union area)