Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Job Hunting = Not Fun!!

So today I went and applied for 2 jobs. The first was at Convergys. I had applied there a little while ago and didn't pass one of the tests. So they said "Oh you can come back and apply in 90 days = 3 months." I was so frustrated that I didn't pass the test but was still going to apply again at a later time. Well, today I went in there, thinking that it had been 3 months. It has only been 2 months. Ugh I was so frustrated that I had drove across town just to find out that I couldn't even apply yet.

After I left Convergys I went over to Kohls ... yes the new Kohls (by the way I am so glad that got put by where we live) I applied there at Kohls and to tell you the truth I would rather work there then at Convergys. I have worked at Convergys before and didn't like it. I am dreading even working there but we could really use the money. Seeing as I still have another month till I can apply at Convergys again ... I am very definetly going to call Kohls in the next couple of days to check up on it.