Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Books, Books

Today, who I think are my visiting teachers, came over. It was so nice to actually talk with someone that is married too. You have no idea just how nice it was. They both brought there sons. I was a little surprised at first because I knew they both had kids, but I had no idea that they were bringing them with them. It was great though, we talked about marriage, kids, reading, and best of all Twilight. One of the girls owns the whole series and offered to let me borrow the last two books. I was like "That would be awesome!!" There was no way I was turning down an offer that great, haha. Anyways, I am going to have my head in a book for the next little while.

You know what? Talking with these guys made me actually want to start going to church again. It would be such a positive influence on me. I just don't know yet, if it's really what I want yet.