Friday, March 13, 2009

Shuffle Survey


If someone asked you for a kiss you'd say: Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You), by: Shania Twain

This song represents your lover: Ice Cream, by: Sarah McLachlan

What is your favorite thing to do: In The Clouds, by: Under the Influence of Giants

Why are you so uptight: Anytime, Anywhere, by: Sarah Brightman

What would you say if you found out you were pregnant: Fingertips, by: Emiliana Torrini

What would you do if your best friend stole your man: Hands Held High, by: Linkin Park

What does your best friend say about your hair: Summer's Gone, by: Placebo

This song represents how you feel about life: Hot N' Cold, by: Katy Perry

Why do you like the person your interested in: Bleed, by:Anna Nalick

What makes you sad often: Get Over Yourself, SHeDAISY

When you have sex you scream: Get Balsamic Vinegar... Quick, by: Snow Patrol

Why are you single/taken: Digging Your Scene, by: Ivy

Cigarettes are bad because: For The Actor, by: Mates of State

Your best friend is a weirdo because: Nice Dream, by: Radiohead

Usually people say this about you: Attesa, by: Sarah Brightman

When actually they are thinking: Fallen, by: Delerium

Usually you say this about yourself: Half Day Closing, by: Portishead

When actually you are thinking: Forever Love, by: Anna Nalick

When someone touches you inappropriately you say: Starry Eyed Surprise, by: Oakenfold

This is what you ex thinks of you: Shut Your Eyes, by: Snow Patrol

This is what your best friend thinks: Crooked Teeth, by: Death Cab for Cutie

This is what your enemy thinks: Rafe, by: Fauxliage

Your favorite weather is: Walk on By, by: Kelly Clarkson

The one thing wrong with you is: Anything & Everything, by: Martina Mcbride

This represents the person who loves you most: Soldier, by: Destiny's Child

This represents the person who is most envious of you: One Step Closer, by: Linkin Park

Your best quality is: Diving, by: 4 Strings

Your life will be: Beautiful, by: Ferry Corsten

To make it better you can: Consider This, by: Anna Nalick

When you're in love you constantly think: Because of You, by: Kelly Clarkson

To you love is like: Fitter Happier, by: Radiohead

Are you a virgin: Not Gonna Get Us, by: tATu

When you lost/will lose your virginity it will be like: You're All I Have, by: Snow Patrol

You lost/will lose it with: Bad Taste In My Mouth, by: The Kooks

When you sleep you dream of: Green Eyes, by: Coldplay

Your dreams mean: Over The Water, by: The Cardigans

Your last words will be: Do You Wanna, by: The Kooks

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