Wednesday, September 12, 2007

hehe...1 year married in a month!!

My Wedding Day

The best day of my life was my wedding day. When I woke up that morning I couldn't help it, I was excited. It was the day that I would say, "I do." Not only was it the best day of my life, but a starting of a new life. A life to be shared with someone right beside me.

Getting ready was so chaotic. I remember while my mom was doing my hair, at the same time I was doing my little sisters hair. It was still so unreal. It still had not hit me that I was getting ready for my own wedding. I soon forgot all about the chaotic running around, when I was ready. Then it was off to the church.

Arriving at the church, knowing everyone was inside waiting for me, was just so unreal. I could not believe I was going to be married in less than a half an hour. I went into the bathroom, got on my dress, and slipped into my shoes. I looked in the mirror, unready for what was staring back at me. I was in a gorgeous wedding dress about to marry the one I love. I will never forget that moment that I looked into the mirror.

Leaving the bathroom to walk down the hall where everyone await my arrival was like watching a movie. It was like I wasn't there but I was really. It was all real, just amazing. Walking into that room was so nerve racking. I didn't know what to expect. The ceremony was the longest thing ever. Maybe that is just because it was my ceremony, but eventually it came to the most important part. We finally both said "I do." Then what I had been so nervous about all day was done. I was married now.

So, through all the stressful, unreal, and movie-like times, I did get married. I have been married for 1 year. I am truly in love and getting married has really changed my life for the better. I hope other people can experience what I experience everyday. My wedding day has and always will be the best day of my life.