Friday, November 2, 2007


Right this moment I hate how I am still in high school. If you talk to me about school, you can tell that I am ready to be done. I am so burned out. When I get to that burned out stage on anything, it is harder for me to concentrate. I lose my focus, forgetting that I want to be done. It totally sucks.

It is just so hard. I want to be at a similar part in my life as Jason. You know, done with school and be working. All I can really do is strive to do my best and get school out of the way. Because I know that once school is out of the way I can finally move forward. I could get a job and actually help with bills. I want to get to that stage in my life.

I just need to remember what I am striving for because the only person that can get high school done and get to that point is ME!!


juice said...

I SO wish I could help you with this! I am one of those geeks that actually liked school. Not that I am jonesing to get my PhD - because honestly that level of schooling is not fun anymore. But I loved easy challenging work and then finding out how you did. Trust me, WORK IS NOT AS EASY! Especially depending on what you want as your career.

As much as I liked school, there were plenty of times that I SO wanted to be done. My last few courses in my Masters were such a drag, b/c I wanted to be done finally. All you can do is stay focused on the goal. Which it sounds like you are. Just remember what you want to get out of it and that finishing is the only way to get there. Just focus on how great it will be when your done. And then send me your math packets. Just kidding, that won't really help you. Just send me copies! :) (Joking...)

You'll make it, keep your head up!