Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blog Quiz

1. Not that an introduction is necessary, but would you kindly introduce yourself?

Hi I’m Briana. I am 19 years old. I am married to Jason. He is the most wonderful guy in the world. He makes me so happy. Our 2 year anniversary is coming up in October. So that will be nice to have under our belts. Haha!

2. Who or what was your inspiration to start blogging?

Who? Well, that would have to be Jason's Sister, Jill. She had just started a blog and I said well, why shouldn't we? I couldn't find any reason to not start a blog. So I started Jason & Briana. Soon after, I started my own blog where I could just say what was on my mind.

What? My main reason for even starting a blog is just letting all his brothers and sisters know what is going on with us. Most of them don't even live in the same state. Well, 2 of them, but hey that is good enough for me.

3. How long have you been blogging?

I started Jason & Briana in August of 2007, so a year. My personal blog also in August of 2007. So both have been up for a year now.

4. If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it?

Talking or just plain venting about my life's ups and downs.

5. What do you think the most rewarding qualities of blogging are?

Being brave enough to put my opinion out there. But I would have to say that getting any kind of comment makes me so happy because that means I made some little impact on that person to at least leave their comment.

6. Conversely, what are the most frustrating aspects of blogging?

The most frustrating?........when no one reads it. When you get no feedback you think that no one is really tuning in or listening.

7. Who is your current blog crush? Be honest, I know you have one. {{wink}}

I have a ton but the most that I really pay attention to are Stacy and Jill.

8. Have you ever experienced Blenvy (blog envy)? How did you deal with it?

Hmmm……I guess there may be moments that I might be envious of blogs that get a ton of comments. Other times I will envy blogs because they look so darn cute. But then I tell myself that my blog is just fine the way it is. So don't sweat it.

9. What keeps you motivated to keep blogging?

To keep family updated.

10. Do you have any suggestions for other bloggers or any success secret?

YES! So glad you asked…..of course this is only my opinion. I love photos, I think there should be photos on every post. Generally I’m not a fan of music on a blog, even though I have enjoyed a few songs here and there. But it’s the first thing I turn off. Comment! Everyone loves comments.

11. What is your next big goal?

For blogging? Or life?

For blogging I would really like to update at least every 2 days. I am not that great at keeping them updated as much as I would like. Also I would like to get other family members to start blogs.

For life, at least right now, I would really just like to get a job.