Monday, August 18, 2008


While I was over at my mom's this weekend I noticed that she had the book Twilight on her desk.

I was like "Oh my gosh!, You have Twilight!"
She answered, "Yes, I am borrowing it from a friend."
I answered, all excited. "Well, are you reading it now?"
Even more excited, "Can I borrow it please"

I would have to say when I heard about the Twilight Series I was a little reluctant. I had heard that is was like the Harry Potter Series. No one ever told me in what way that it was like Harry Potter though. Anyways, I was kind of disappointed to hear that it was like Harry Potter. I tried to read the Harry Potter books but could never get into them. To me, they were boring.

Anyways, with Twilight in my hands Saturday night I began to read it. At first, I was like what am I doing? I haven't read a whole book in who knows how long? What makes you think I am going to finish this one? OH, well I will tell you what!! I have had my nose stuck in it since Saturday and I am in love with this book so far, I plan on buying the whole series for myself. I am even more excited to see the movie that comes out in December.

I am very proud to say, if you haven't even tried to read Twilight, at least try...It is very good!!!


Mrs. Priss said...

You are about the 20th person to say they're reading Twilight and love it... I'm definitely going to have to start now!

Shannon & Eli said...

i am anti twilight...because it's so freakin trendy...drives me nuts!!!