Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rolls Are So Good!!

So earlier today around 4:30pm I remembered that I was going to pull out rolls to go with dinner. We ended up having pizza for dinner at a friends house. As we were leaving their house I reminded myself to go home and put them in the oven. Then we could have rolls for breakfast/dinner tomorrow. Well, we came home and I went straight up to our bedroom to start getting ready for bed. I even sat up on my laptop for a little bit. Jason came into go to bed. We both layed down and I drifted off to sleep.

Around 12:30am I get a call from my brother saying that he can't get a hold of my mom to pick him up from work, waking me up. I then try for I don't know how long calling 3 different numbers, but no one answers. He eventually just gets a ride home from a co-worker. I then lay down to try to go back to sleep. Then I finally remember, "Oh crap, the rolls!" I go downstairs and they are huge. They are mostly air pockets. So I decide to redo them and wait for them to rise.

I have now been sitting up waiting for them to rise for over an hour. It's 2:30 in the morning. I will never take rolls out again unless I know for sure that I will be home for the night. The bad thing is I am not really feeling that tired and I don't feel very well. I had a hard time falling asleep earlier. Oh and I will most likely have to take Jason to work in the morning.

Oh one last thing...

I am probably going to make both this blog and Jason & Briana private. So let me know your email, if I don't already have it.