Sunday, December 16, 2007

Long Week

I had a long week. I was working on a my last history packet. Tested on it on Wednesday and failed. I could deal with that. It has happened before. You can't take the test again until the next day ... so I came in the next day, Thursday, and took it again. I failed again. It was the first time that I had ever failed a packet twice. So, that night and Friday, the next morning ... I studied my butt off. Making sure that I got what I didn't before. Hoping that the third time was a charm. Well, When I got finished with the test I hit the submit button, very confident in myself but still a little scared I would not pass. But there it was, a passing grade ... FINALLY!! I had been working so hard all week to achieve this passing grade and it felt great. I got a good grade. I went from failing twice to acing it with a A- which is 93%. Now because of this long week ... I am down to 15 packets!! Wahoo!