Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Photography, Hawaii, Laptop

I thought I already took pictures a lot. I would really like to start taking more though. Like when we go over to our friends house to hang out. Those are times that I want to remember and pictures make that even better. I love photography, I find it very pleasing to take a great photo, whether it be of the mountains or a person. One thing I look forward to photographing in the next little bit is Hawaii. It is going to be the most beautiful place. I cannot wait. 

I have a count down on my google page counting down the days we have till we go to Hawaii. I am telling you, It is not coming fast enough. I am way to anxious and excited. Anxious because I want to get out of here, away from my life, take a break. And excited because it's me and Jason first "real" vacation together, my first time on a plane, going to Hawaii, and spending time with some of my favorite people. 

Wow, when I logged on to check blogs I didn't think I would write anything or this much! Hehe plus I am using our new laptop. It's nice! I love the fact that I am in my room. It just seems so much more ... relaxing!