Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doctor Appt. Update

I thought I might update, since it's been a little while since I last wrote.

The dentist went well, and even after I had gotten my tooth fixed, it did still hurt for a little afterward. All is good now with my tooth. I will get food stuck in every now and then and that seems to be the only thing that irritates it.

I went back to the doctor on the 2nd for basically a check up on all my tests and if I had got my period at all. All my tests had come back normal and I had got my period. All that made me feel really good. It is really weird still that everything is normal, except for me not having my period like I should.

The doctor said that you cannot be considered infertile until you have technically tried for a year. Which made me feel a billion times better then the last time I went. He said that my age is in my favor, but even with all that, that I still might have a hard time having children. When Jason and I do decide to start trying, I will have to go see the doctor again, so that he can put me on some kind hormone. I don't remember the name.

He gave me the choice to either go on birth control or take Provera every 2 months. Jason and I had already talked about birth control and we don't want to go that route. So I chose the Provera. Anyways, because the doctor is still unsure of me even being infertile, he said I need to take a pregnancy test before taking my Provera.

As weird as this sounds, I am soo relieved and hopeful that I might have a chance of having kids.