Monday, March 24, 2008


Tonight and for the last couple of days, I have been feeling really lonely. Jason has been kind of busy but still around. Throughout our whole marriage, whenever we get really busy we take a break and just have our time. Whether we go on a little vacation to see family or just spend the weekend at home alone without having my brothers or sisters over. Lately though, we really haven't done that. And tonight he's working late. I know there are times when he has to work late. I am not sad about that. I just think my emotions have had enough. It really has to just be my emotions. Little things like if he doesn't kiss me goodbye or I spend time cleaning some of the house and don't get to the kitchen and then he says that the kitchen looks like crap...but I just worked my butt off on the rest of the house. Yeah! I am venting about marriage. What more can I do? I don't want to really talk about it with another human being because all I would do is bawl. Heck, I am crying right now.

I just want to relax with my husband without any phone calls and just talk, just be together.